Ohel Moshe Beit Hora’ah

Ohel Moshe Beit Horaah

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The Beit Horaah of Ohel Moshe, under the leadership of Rabbi Shay Tahan sh”lita, serves the community by enabling those of all walks of life to have their Halachic questions answered accurately, promptly, and conveniently, through text, WhatsApp, or phone. This vital operation strives to leave no Halachic question unanswered, whether it be due to unavailability, embarrassment, or lack of someone to ask. Those asking a question can specify if they are of Ashkenaz, Sephardic, or Chasidish descent, and receive the appropriate answer corresponding to their background.

All questions and answers are completely confidential. The Beit Horaah also endeavors to educate the community by providing an interactive Halacha video e­library on its website, allowing users to peruse a wide variety of Halacha topics at their convenience. A project that helps all Jews fulfill Hashem’s will. The Beit Horaah not only answers the community’s Halachic questions, it also unifies Klal Yisrael.